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Twin Idler Pulley & Drive Pulley
(Double Sheave)

Twin Idler Pulley (Double Sheave)

Twin Idler Pulley

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Idler Pulley Bore Adapters

Idler Pulley Bore Adapters

Drive Pulley Bore Adapters

Drive Pulley Bore Adapters

  • For 1/16" through 5/16" (1.5mm through 8mm) belts
  • Also used as diverter wheels with 5/16" or 3/8" (8mm or 9.5mm) tires.
  • 2.25" OD, 1.85" ID, 1.01" width.
  • Made from high-grade nylon reinforced with fiberglass.
  • A.B.E.C.-1 6203-2RS bearing (17mm bore).
  • Available with sealed or low friction shielded bearings.
  • Idler adapters available for 5/16", 3/8", & 1/2" (8mm, 9,5mm, 10mm &12.7mm) bolts or shafts.
  • Drive adapters available for 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" & 1" (9.5mm 12.7mm, 15.9mm, 19.1mm & 25.4 mm) bolts or shafts.

Although we call it by two different names, we only make one size of twin idler pulley. Customers use this dual sheave with many different belt cross-sections, including 1/16" through 3/8" (1.5mm through 9.5mm) belts. When our 83A/85A durometer belts are stretched tight, they are soft enough to conform to the pulley groove. Therefore, the groove radius is not critical. Under normal loads the belts will not slip.

Our plastic pulleys and sheaves are made from nylon reinforced with fiberglass and ABEC-1 ball bearings. This nylon material is easy to machine on a lathe, and there is no fiberglass dust, as long as you do not grind it. We can cut down the flanges, enlarge the grooves and/or add grooves (e.g. Poly-Vee grooves) at a slight extra cost.

Click here for the Twin Round idler drawing.

For the best in twin idler pulleys and dual or double sheaves insist on Dura-Belt.

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