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Lineshaft Spools & C-Clips (Shaft Collars, Snap-Rings)

Regular Spools float on a lineshaft (line shaft) and function as clutches that will slip when boxes jam or accumulate, thus preventing belts from abrading. They also provide a safer working environment, allowing rollers to stop if hair or hands get caught in rollers. Spools come in two sizes:
    Standard bore -- fits both 1" and 25mm shafts.
    Large bore -- fits both 1-7/16" and 36mm shafts.
Speed-up spools increase roller speed by 44%.
Keyed spools will not slip, so use only in sections where there will be no accumulation or jams. Designed for curves, inclines, or where greater drive is needed.
Split spools can be installed without disassembling the shaft. Our split spools are high precision & reasonably priced. Installs in seconds. Greatly reduces downtime. Regular size is red. New IMRPOVED Speed-up is green. For more info click here.
C-Clips (Shaft Collars, Snap-Rings) clamp on shaft to keep spools in place. New stronger nylon material grips harder -- helps prevent slippage.
Lineshaft spacers (White tube) like C-clips, they are used to center lineshaft spools directly under their driven rollers. Available in several different widths: 3/8", 1", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.75", and 2.75"
Connector locks together two or more spools on 3" (76mm) centers to provide more drive power. Eliminates need for keyed spools on straight sections.

How to prevent c-clips from slipping:   If spools are allowed to "float" on the shaft, they will screw themselves downstream as soon as the shaft starts turning. This will cause the belts to stretch and rub against the outside edges of the spool flanges. Since the edges are moving faster than the belts, the belts will abrade. To prevent such belt wear, the center of the spool must be held directly under the center of the roller groove. Normally, a single c-clip on each side of the spool will hold it in position. However, under certain circumstances, c-clips may slip, allowing spools to screw down the shaft and cause premature belt wear. This may happen when:

  1. High-tension belts exert extra pressure on spools and c-clips.
  2. The shaft is slightly undersized, e.g., 25mm.

You can prevent c-clips from slipping by placing two c-clips on each side of the spools. Actually, if the conveyor always moves in the same direction, c-clips are not needed on the upstream side because spools do not screw upstream.

Lineshaft Spools, Split Spool, Shaft Collars, C-Clips
Click here to Download all the Spool drawings

Or select a drawing below to view it
White spool 1" x 1.23"
White spool 1" x 1.60"
Red split spool 1" x 1.23"
C-Clip for 1" (25mm) shafts
Connector for 3" centers
Blue spool 1" x 1.23"
Blue speed-up spool 1" x 1.72"
Green split speed-up spool 1"
Large blue spool 1.44" x 1.72"
Black keyed spool 1" x 1.23"

White spool 1" x 1.23" also avaialabel in Black color.

prevent c-clips from slipping

Under certain circumstances
two c-clips on downstream
side of spools may be needed
to prevent c-clips from slipping

Connector locks together spools

Connector locks together
spools on 3" centers for
greater drive power

For the best in lineshaft spools, split spools, line shaft collars, snap-rings, c-clips and spacers, insist on Dura-Belt.
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