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Motorized Roller Spool Flange

Belts that run on bare lineshafts (line-shafts) usually “walk and wander”, i.e., screw down the shaft and snap back repeatedly. This causes high frequency vibrations that stretch and abrade belts, greatly reducing belt life. This is one reason why lineshaft spools are used.

Spool flanges prevent walking and thereby increase belt life. Only one flange per belt is needed because belts walk in only one direction – the direction of conveying motion, i.e. downstream.

Belts vibrating on bare line shaft
Belts vibrating on bare line shaft

Dura-Belt Urethane Spool Flanges are designed for use on powered (motorized) rollers or other lineshafts that are 1.9” or larger in diameter. Our urethane’s supreme elasticity holds them firmly in place. They stick so tightly to the shaft that RAVE Ultra-Hold hair spray is recommended to facilitate installation. When dry, it acts as a glue that gives added protection against dislodgement. If still more hold is desired, a drop of Loctite 480 will lock them in place, but this is hardly ever needed. Our spool flanges are tapered so that their outside edges do not rub against the belts, and they rotate with the belts so no abrasion occurs. They also provide a little extra drive. Mount them about 5/8” (16mm) from a line perpendicular to the powered roller and through the driven roller’s axis as shown, or so the belt does not distort when touching the flange nor rub on the outside edge of the flange. The outside edge must not touch the belt because it is moving faster than the belt, so it would abrade the belt if it rubbed against it.
Powered (Motorized) Roller used as a lineshaft with Urethane Spool Flanges
Motorized Roller used as a lineshaft
with Urethane Spool Flange

For the best in powered (motorized) roller spool flanges, insist on DuraBelt.
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