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Split Spools for Line Shaft Conveyors

Two-piece Split-Spools for Line-shaft conveyors (shaft driven conveyors) quickly replaces standard, one-piece line-shaft spool pulleys. Eliminates the need to disassemble the conveyor to replace spools. Saves hours of labor and conveyor downtime. Red spools are standard size. Green spools are speed-up size. Both fit MHS, TGW and Ermanco spool connectors.

Two parts fit together precisely, so there are virtually no bumps that can abrade line-shaft belts. High concentricity provides very efficient rotation, which reduces rolling resistance, thereby saving energy and extending drive belt life.

Alignment notches on each split spool allow installation by feel alone, so part can be quickly installed behind frames or guards -- even in the dark. Tight snap-fit means no screws to tighten or lose. Always remains closed unless you open it. Will not fall off shaft.

New IMRPOVED Split Speed-up Spool (Green) with reamed hole so it is perfectly round. Will not wobble. Runs smoother and quieter. It has the same foot print on the shaft as regular spools, i.e.1.23" (31mm) long, so there is no need to change spacers when replacing regular spools. It is a drop-in replacement. Increases roller speed by 44%. Colored bright green for safety – lets you see at a glance which conveyor zones are moving faster.

To open the spool (i.e., separate the two halves), place both thumbs in hole in one end, then rotate wrists -- like you would to split a peach. If spool is on shaft, slide a small screw driver under one edge and lift. Spool will pop open.

Our plastic split spool is made from Delrin® 500P. Operates at higher temperatures and wears longer than most other plastics. Quiet operation -- will not squeak. Works on both 1" and 25mm shafts. Reasonably priced.

For the best in two piece Split Spools (half spools), Speedup Spools and pulleys for lineshaft and shaft driven conveyors, insist on Dura-Belt.

New Split Spools with extra high drive: We learned the hard way that Delrin can shrink after sitting in inventory for a few months if it is not molded correctly. Two such production lots shrank slightly, causing the spools to fit fairly tightly on the shaft. Some of these were unwittingly shipped to customers. Many were returned as defective, but some were praised because of the extra drive they provided – about 50% more. We have several thousand in stock. If you would like split spools or split speedup spools with extra drive, please specify “extra drive” with your order. If there is enough demand, it will become a new product. (Use them where you would use keyed spools -- not on sections where accumulation regularly occurs, as they could overheat and melt.) An alternate way to get extra drive is to use a connector as shown in the adjacent picture.

*Delrin® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Split Spools on Line shaft conveyor

Two piece Red Split Spools
on Lineshaft Conveyor

Green Split Speedup Spool

Two piece Green

Split Speedup Spool

For 1" and 25mm diameter shafts

Connector locks together split speed up spools

Connector locks together

split speedup spools

on 3" centers for

greater drive power

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