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Postal Auger Belts (Post Office Belts)

Postal urethane round belts

Urethane Postal Auger Round Belts

All our post office auger round urethane belts come with our Super-Strong Welds warranted not to break at the weld. Standard cross-section diameter is 4 mm, but other sizes are available.
  1. Red 90A durometer.
  2. Matte surface 88A durometer.
  3. Clear 83A durometer
  4. HT (High Tension) Blue 85A.

Time tested and proven long life on Siemens facer, canceller,
and sorting machines. NSN numbers available on request.

       For the best in postal round polyurethane belts and post office auger belts, insist on DuraBelt.

For the best in postal belts, insist on DuraBelt. Next Product

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