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Poly-O Endcaps, O-ring Inserts, Round Belt Hubs for 1.9" Conveyor Rollers

Poly-O Endcap, O-ring Insert for 1.9" conveyor rollers

Poly-O Endcap, O-ring Insert
hub for 1.9" Conveyor Rollers

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Poly-O Endcap (O-ring Insert)
drawing for 1.9" roller
  • For use with elastic round belts, O-ring belts.
  • Also called: Twin Groove endcaps, Double Groove endcaps.
  • Fits 1.9" x 16-gauge conveyor roller tubes (press fit).
  • For round belt sizes up to 1/4" HEHT black.
  • Ideal for conveyor roller curves where Poly-V belts may not work.
  • Also available for 50mm conveyor roller tubes.
  • Nearly invisible parting line will not abrade belts.
  • Comes with one or two ABEC-1 6002 ZZ bearings.
  • Made from sturdy glass reinforced nylon.
  • Anti-static
  • Will not rotate in tube -- long length and slip-resistant splines eliminate need to crimp. Tests by a major conveyor manufacturer showed that round crimped endcaps typically twist at 300 in-lbs torque, while our splined endcaps twist at 1000 in-lbs. Three times more twist resistant.
  • Proven European design (millions in service).
  • Fits standard 7/16" hex shafts.
  • Also available for round bolt shafts.
  • Operating temperature range: -20°F to 230°F (-29°C to 110°C).
  • Low cost, fast delivery.
  • WARNING:  All Motorized Drive Roller (MDR) Poly-O endcaps do not have uniform groove separation. Itoh Denki's groove separation is 3/8". DuraBelt's groove separation is 1/2", so it only works with Interroll, PulseRoller and Pancake MDRs. You can use Dura-Belt's Poly-O with Itoh Denki's MDR, but you must connect the MDR to the first slave roller on each side of the MDR with narrow flat belts.

For the best in Poly-O endcaps, Twin Groove endcaps, round belt inserts,
O-ring hubs for conveyor rollers, insist on DuraBelt.

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