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Orange Belting and Belts

Dura-Belt orange round O-ring belts, orange vee belts, and orange flat belts are made from virtually the same 85A durometer urethane as the original orange belting. We expanded the line to include reinforced orange belts, tracking sleeve, lagging, and flat orange belts that are available in any width up to 18”
Orange Polyurethane O-ring, hollow belts, V-Belts, flat belts, lagging and reinforced Belting

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Orange round, vee, and flat belts belting

For the best in orange hollow belting, orange round O-ring belt and reinforced round belts, orange v-belts and reinforced v-belting, orange crown top v-belts and ridge top v-belts, orange twin vee belts and reinforced twin v-belts, roller lagging, and orange flat belting insist on Dura-Belt.
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