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High Temperature Belting (Heat Resistant Belts)

Dura-Belt’s Ultra High Temperature Urethane Belts are probably the only elastic belts that work well at hot temperatures above 200oF. Works up to 230oF (110oC). Our high temperature urethane belts are exceptionally strong, durable and long lasting, but relatively expensive. Available only as round belts. Natural* color. 90A durometer. Not weldable in the field. Do not stretch high temperature urethane belting more than 5%, as more stretch can cause it to fail prematurely. Recommended stretch is 4%.

Our High Temperature Hytrel Polyester Belts work well up to up to 170oF (77oC) and for moderate periods up to 200oF (93oC). They are much less expensive than our Ultra Hight Temperature Urethane belts and are weldable in the field. Tan color, 90A durometer. Do not overstretch during installation because polyester will not bounce back. Recommended stretch is 8%.

*Each lot can vary in color from clear to tan to gold-tinted, yellowish or tea colored. Belts typically become more tea colored over time, but this does not significantly affect performance. Belts should not be exposed for long periods to sunlight or intense UV light, as this will degrade the material and cause a sever change in color -- usually deep yellow.

For the best in High Temperature Elastic Belting and Heat Resistant Belts for hot environments, insist on DuraBelt.

Ultra High Temperature Belt

Ultra High Temperature Belts

Heat Resistant Round Belt

Heat Resistant Round Belts

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