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Groove Sleeves for Sheaves & Pulleys

no sleeve

Without Sleeve

with groove sleeve

With Sleeve
Note:  The actual sleeves are clear not red.

  • Lets you adjust the amount of belt protruding beyond the edge of the pulley.
  • Significantly increases coefficient of friction between belt and pulley, but urethane can attract dust that reduces friction so they work best when washed regularly with water or alcohol (including beer).
  • Four thicknesses: 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"
  • Use with standard sheaves and pulleys.  No need to buy expensive custom pulleys.
  • Available for vee, flat, and round pulleys.
  • Can be used to crown flat pulleys.
  • Pre-installed on our idler and drive pulleys, or install them yourself on yours.
  • Easy to change.  Can be installed in the field.  Easily removed or replaced.
  • Made from durable urethane.
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