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Extruded Urethane Cord, Rod, Sheet and Tubing Profiles

Extruded urethane profiles

Extruded Urethane Profiles

Spiderman's webs from DuraBelt's urethane cord

Spiderman's webs made from
DuraBelt's urethane cord

  • Round Cord (O-ring cord, rod) extrusions.
  • V-Cord (Vee cord) including groove top, T-top and topped with rough top (super grip).
  • Flat cord (sheet) up to 34.5" (876mm) wide.
  • Hollow Cord Tubing extrusions.
  • Oval Cord.
  • Twisted Cord.
  • Durometers (hardness): 60A thru 100A
  • Some with polyester reinforcement.
  • Urethane (aka polyurethane), Hytrel®, PVC.
  • Available in most colors - opaque & translucent.
  • Most cord, rod, sheet and tubing profiles are in stock

Dura-Belt's 1/8" clear urethane cord (also called rod) is used to make some of the spider webs in Spiderman movies and to disguise some of the cables that keep Spiderman suspended.

For the best in extruded polyurethane, PVC and Hytrel polyester cord rod extrusions and extruded flat sheet, insist on DuraBelt.

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  • Available in smooth, matte and rough surface.