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Non-Slip, Anti-Slip Belt Sleeves for Dusty Wet Conveyors & Pulleys

Anti-Slip Sleeve
Anti-Slip Sleeve
and water drops

Non-Slip Sleeve on Powered Rollers in wet environment
Non-Slip Sleeve
on Powered Rollers
in wet environment

When water or other liquids wet the surface of conveyor rollers, pulleys or sheaves, urethane belts (O-ring belts) often lose their grip and slip. Our new slip resistant sleeves retain their high coefficient of friction even when wet, and provide a high friction surface that allows belts to maintain their grip. They effectively create non-slip urethane belts in a wet environment.

Urethane can attract dust that reduces friction so in a dusty environment sleeves must be washed regularly with water or alcohol (including beer).

These anti-slip groove sleeves easily fit inside roller and pulley grooves, effectively coating the surface with high friction urethane. Anti-slip sleeves are very thin (about 0.025" after installation) so they conform to grooves and do not normally cause round belts to protrude above the rollers, nor flat belts to stick up appreciably.

Use inexpensive RAVE® hair spray to facilitate installation in the field. Our anti-slip elastic sleeves fit so tightly inside the groove that they often exert enough force to hold themselves in place (prevent slippage). For extra protection against slipping place a few drops of super glue underneath the sleeve. The sleeve's inside surface has a slight matte texture that provides a sure grip for adhesives.

Available in translucent clear or in colors (red or blue), so you can easily verify at a distance that they are installed. Made from 85A durometer virgin urethane.

For more information on slip resistant belting or non-slip belts click on Non-Slip Belts for oily environments.

For the best in anti-slip belt sleeves (non-slip urethane belts, slip resistant belts sleeves, wet water slip resistance) insist on Dura-Belt.

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