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Dura-Belt 3119 Building
Dura-Belt's new 3119 Plant

Our company was formed in Ohio in 1987 to sell urethane belts to distributors, installers, and OEMs. In 1991 the company was purchased by Jim Hammond, a physicist who worked at Jet Propulsion Labs and was Director of Technology at Atlantic Richfield Corp (ARCO). Mr. Hammond's goal was to bring high technology to the relatively low tech belting business, including a quality control system that was a forerunner of ISO 9000. Within a year the company's name was changed to DuraBelt to reflect the development of two new proprietary products, a Super-Strong welding process, plus a series of more resilient long-life belting materials.

Our tests indicate that our Super Strong RF welding process typically makes weld splices 50% stronger than our best competitor. Moreover, since the inception of our company over 31 years ago, we have never had a significant recall for broken weld joints. This is why we ship belts worldwide, including China, where we cannot compete on price.

Consequently, in 1994 DuraBelt introduced the "World's Longest Belt Warranty". To the best of our knowledge, it still remains the longest belt splice warranty for urethane belting in the world - 10 full years or the life of the belt, whichever is longer.

Over the years DuraBelt has developed many new products, including a proprietary color process for coloring belts after being spliced, anti-snag flat belts, anti vibration belts, Long-Life HT (High Tension) belts made from Cyclothane-B, the patented Speedy Belt Installer, slip resistant Spring Belts that work in oily and gooey environments, wide elastic flat belts that are highly energy efficient, spool flange spacers, and reinforced nylon poly-V pulleys. The company regularly introduces new products, most of which are inspired by its customers with whom it works closely.

DuraBelt owns two state-of-the-art plants in Hilliard, Ohio, totaling 72,000 square feet, designed especially to manufacture urethane belting and other accessory products for conveyors. When running three shifts with the equivalent of 48 employees, DuraBelt has the production capacity to produce approximately 80,000 round belts per day.

The company has a sales office in Warsaw, Poland.

DuraBelt's products are sold world wide and touch the life of virtually everyone. Most consumer goods, including household products, packaged foods and drinks, tools, hardware, electronics, furniture, office supplies, cosmetics, medical goods, toys, automotive parts, mail, and athletic and entertainment products have a good chance of being conveyed at one time or another with belts made by Dura-Belt.

DuraBelt's mission is to produce innovative, high-quality products and sell them at a fair profit, while providing the fastest, friendliest service in a healthy non-discriminatory environment.

DuraBelt has been a member in the following Material Handling and Belting trade associations:

Material Handling Institute(MHI)
National Industrial Belting Assoc. (NIBA)
Material Handling Equipment Distributors Assoc. (MHEDA)


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