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Dura-Belt's Eagle® O-rings Warranty Ends

For over 16 years Fenner Drives tried and failed to make Eagle O-ring weld joints as strong as Dura-Belt's. Consequently, in 2006 Fenner Drives asked us make their 1/8", 3/16" and .21" Eagle O-rings because their weld joints would break just often enough to cause them to alienate customers, incur expensive warranty replacements and tarnish their reputation. For the next 16 years we manufactured millions of Eagle O-rings, backed by our Worlds Longest Belt Warranty -- 10 years or the life of the belt, which ever is longer. To the best of our knowledge, none ever broke at the weld joint.

During this time, we agreed to not sell to their customers, so whenever their customers asked us to quote, we declined but assured them that our warranty extended to Eagle O-rings provided by Fenner.

In 2022 their new management ceased buying from us and began making all their O-ring belts. In 2023 we were informed that many Eagle O-rings broke at the weld at a large conveyor manufacturer. They then switched purchasing to us. Consequently, we hereby inform all Eagle O-ring users that Dura-Belt's warranty no longer applies to Eagle O-rings.

Free Replacement O-ring Belts:
 According to our tests, our proprietary welding process consistently makes the world's strongest O-ring weld joints. It used to be 3 to 6 times stronger than Fenner's, so we would like to know if Fenner has improved their process. Therefore, we will send 50 free replacement O-rings to the first 100 users who send us a broken .21" or 3/16" Eagle O-ring. Just tell us the belt's cut length before it was installed.

Offer good only one time per size per user. Must tell us the belt's cut length before it was installed. Note that ground and broken weld joints are like finger prints. Under the microscope, they will tell us who made them and how they broke.

Eagle® is a registered trade mark of Fenner Drives.
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Eagle O-ring Belts made by Dura-Belt  
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